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Master Your Journey LLC offers many different types of services. Such as, Mental Health Coaching, Substance Abuse Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Reality Coaching, and Moral Recognition Therapy and Medical Coaching for patient and Caregiver. Master Your Journey would like to be the agency that helps mold and shape you into the best version of yourself. By attending services at Master your journey, you are guaranteed to have a respectful humbling experience. We look forward in working with you during this time of understanding your Journey and preparing for the next phase of your life.

Moral Recognition Therapy

Provide outpatient groups using Moral Recognition Therapy Material to the Jail population.

Mental Health Coaching

Provide evidenced based coaching to individual who has identified mental health issues.

NA and AA Services

Provide education regarding NA and AA Services.

Support Group

Provide a safe support groups environment for individual who are suffering from substance or mental health issues

12 Steps Meeting

Provide 12 steps meeting for teen and adults

Youth Drop-in Center

Provide access to a drop-in center where youth can engage and interact with peers regarding career choice and education resources.

Partnership with DCF

Coordinate services with DCF with mothers who have an addiction issue and provide coaching services.

Cognitive Behavior Education

Provide Cognitive Behavior Education regarding Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Health and education management.

CBT & Trauma Informed Therapy

Provide evidenced based therapy to the Substance Abuse using CBT and trauma informed therapy

PSY Education Group

Provide PSY education group regarding relapse prevention.

Safe Place Housing

Provide a safe place for recent released individual who need housing and employment with a substance abuse issue.

Substance Abuse One on One Coaching

Provide one on one coaching to All individual who are in needs of Substance Abuse

Mother & Children Services

Provide Mother and Children services regrading substance abuse and mental health

60 Day Housing

Provide stable housing for 60 days for individual who need a change environment an access recovery.

Outpatient Service Coaching

Assist other who are court order to outpatient services regarding coaching

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