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Preventive Services

Master Your Journey LLC offers many different types of services. Such as, Mental Health Coaching, Substance Abuse Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Reality Coaching, and Moral Recognition Therapy and Medical Coaching for patient and Caregiver. Master Your Journey would like to be the agency that helps mold and shape you into the best version of yourself. By attending services at Master your journey, you are guaranteed to have a respectful humbling experience. We look forward in working with you during this time of understanding your Journey and preparing for the next phase of your life.

Resources and Education

Provide individual with resources and education regarding Co-occurring, Substance Abuse, employment, housing, and medication management.

Assessment and Screenings

Complete assessment and screening on all intakes

Unemployment Help

Assist unemployed individual apply for stable housing and employment


Provide weekly one on one coaching services

Recovery Activities & Treatment

Establish a day in resource center where individual can come and engage in recovery activities and treatment.

HIV Coordination Services

Coordinate services with the health department regarding HIV Positive client with a substance abuse 
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Community Awareness

Provide community activities to enhance community awareness regarding mental health and Substance


Conduct survey on individual on Intake, Midpoint, Discharged and follow up.

Doctor Referral 

Refer individual with a local psychiatric for all medication needs.


Provide half-way housing for adults/ youth who are in the program and may need to change environment in order to be successful.

Substance Abuse Education

Education youth/adults’ effects regarding substance abuse

Group Sessions

Conduct daily group sessions regarding substance abuse and mental health

Homeless Population Assessment

Education youth/adults’ effects regarding substance abuse

Youth Community Resources

Engage youth with community resources and support regarding sobriety and recovery

Nursing Assistant Certification

Link individual with resources that promote Obtaining a Certification Nursing Assistant Certificates.

Mothers and Children

Reduced active substance use among the Pregnant and post postpartum women. By providing resources and access to substance abuse treatment. Provide childcare services to the mothers while they engage in group therapy or individual coaching

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