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Meet Melanie

Certified Life Coach

I am an African American Women, From Jennings Florida. I graduated from Edward Waters College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I later went on to become a Certified Addiction Professional and a Life Coach. Edward Waters was more of a blessing to me than an opportunity. Growing up in a small town was not always easy. I wanted to attend college so that I could give myself a better life. I grew up in a environment of substance abuse, Violence, criminal activity and sexual abuse. In the mist of all of that I learned about God and the promises he had for my life, which is why I decided to become a life coach. I have walked in many different forms of shoes and my lifetime, and I manage to push pass the hardships that I faced and be successful. I truly believe that God wants all his children to be happy and peaceful. However, sometime that requires a lot of work for us and if we can stay connected to him and see the process all the way through then he will shine his blessing upon us. My goal is to help others while they are on their own individual journey to see the process all the way through. Never, give up and always keep moving forward. As your life coach I promise to walk with You through the dark times and the light time and always remind you that “You can do all things through Christ who strengthen you” Philippians 4:13.

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