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I understand that situations in life often happen unexpectedly.

Life Coaching with Melanie Daniels

Who Am I?

Certified Life Coach

" As the CEO, I want to first say Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your personal journey. I personally believe that all your dreams and wishes can come true with your dedication. I am going to commit to telling you the truth and providing you with realist outcome based off your determination.


While you are on this journey to understand your personal assignment from God and Master it to the best of your ability, I would like for you to make a commit with yourself that this part of your journey is all about you and while you on this part of your journey you will forgive yourself and others, love others for who they are, seek to understand the resolved and unresolved area in your life. If you can work on those different area, you my dear is on your way you ARE: 

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What I Specialize In


Mental Health 


Substance Abuse Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Reality Coaching

Medical Coaching

For Patients and Caregivers

12 steps AA, NA, Spiritual

Intensive Bootcamp

with Ms. Mel

Court Orders & Dcf Involvement

Motivation Speaking

Life Changing Events

(i.e. death, bad news, Covid-19)

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"I am a Life Coach who want to help you on your journey."

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